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BCaster – a multicultural working community

A core BCaster value is having a multicultural and conducive environment and this is a principle we hold true to. Having a multicultural team is not only an enriching factor in our work environment but also a major asset that enables us to develop the BCasters SDK to meet the requirements of global markets.

Multicultural work is an interesting journey. First of all, you can learn new things from different cultures and get new experiences. Besides, it is a challenge to work with multicultural people, because everyone has their feeling of reality. You are learning the mental language of different cultures and always looking for the best compromise in the scope of these different cultures to facilitate work in the best possible way.
Sergei Alto, Android Developer

Despite the fact that cultural differences can sometimes be challenging, it has been wonderful to see how well the BCaster team works together. In addition to the mix of different cultures, there are as many personalities as there are employees. Keeping the working environment diverse as it relates to matters of cultures, ages, genders and personalities enables us to embrace open-mindedness as a pathway to creating a product for global use.

Working in a multicultural company brings several advantages to me, for example getting familiar with different cultures. It is great to find out the similarities and differences in cultures. For example, it is lovely to learn about the naming traditions in India, how babies are naed there or learning about wedding traditions of Nigeria as well as being introduced to some female musicians and singers from Iran. In a word, we can have 'Dialogue of Civilizations' and this can result in having more respect for all cultures regardless of the human race.
BCaster employee

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash