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BCaster & Fandom Sports - on a quest to unite sports fans

BCaster is teaming up with Fandom Sports Media by bringing in tools for collecting and managing user-generated photos and videos in the Fandom Sports app. “Fandom Sports Media is a sports entertainment company that aggregates, produces and curates unique fan-focused content (about.fandomsports.net).”

"This project with Fandom Sports confirms all the signs picked up from customers around the world during the last year. BCaster service can and will give huge value to sports and sponsors." Janne Neuvonen, BCaster CEO

Fandom Sports can keep their app users engaged by adding inside their app the BCaster service for taking photos and capturing videos. BCaster also provides Fandom Sports with easy-to-use tools for monitoring and managing these user-generated photos and videos. This toolset make it a lot easier to search and curate AI-analyzed photos and videos than trying to procure, categorize and manage them individually from a variety of sources. BCaster provides an easy and cost-efficient way for sponsors and partners to reach the masses.

BCaster is pleased to provide a service that is a part of building more functional and engaging applications for sports teams and their fans around the world.