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BCaster selected for BETA Programme of Web Summit 2017

This autumn BCaster was applying for the Web Summit’s ALPHA Programme. During the application process company were picked up for one of the start up companies in BETA Programme. In the BETA Programme there will be around 300 companies from 25 different fields showing their expertice in the front row.

At the moment there are eleven start up companies from Finland and two of them besides BCaster are in the BETA Programme.

Web Summit is one of the world’s biggest technology conferences. This year the event is going to be held at Lisbon 6th-9th of November and it collects over 60 000 guests around the world.

BCaster were quickly picked up for the BETA Programme.

”BCaster were highlighted as an innovative and promising video platform, and a perfect fit for multiple areas of the event including Panda Conf, ContentMakers & Creatiff”, says Patrick Griffin the CO-Curator of Web Summit.

”Our goal at Lisbon is to introduce our technology and tell for the international partners and funders about the future plans. It’s nice to hear organiser’s appreciation already before hand”, says Janne Neuvonen CEO of the BCaster.

Start up conferences are important events for connecting and getting the international experience and growth. Besides Web Summit BCaster will be seen also at Tech Crunch and Samsung Developer conferences in San Francisco and at SLUSH in Helsinki.

”It’s great that we have been selected for the Web Summit and besides that we are also attending other events around the world. We know that we are changing the world with our platform and it’s nice that others are seeing it too”, adds Neuvonen.