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BCaster's new office space meets the requirements of rapidly growing company

BCaster moved into a new office a few weeks ago. We are currently located at Aviapolis II in Vantaa, Finland. The main motivation behind this move was the need to have more room for our growing team which has already tripled in the last year. The move was also significant in terms of and providing a suitable working environment for different kinds of needs.

Moving to the new spacious office has been exciting in many ways. We have top notch facilities now but more importantly it stipulates our future growth. We outgrew from the previous premises in less than two years and I’m envisioning we’ll outgrow from this one even faster!
Eero Sario, Chief Product Officer

Our new office space has already gotten positive feedback. The most popular ones being its airy concept and lightness. There were doubts about having the open office concept as it definitely is challenging for concentrating hence to mitigate this we introduced two “quiet rooms”, devoted to silent working which are always capable of containing two to three engineering teams. As a company focused on flexible remote work, some of our employees work from home whilst those who prefer to be around colleagues can easily come to the office.

We have no doubts that in the near future, this beautiful new BCaster office is not only going to warmly welcome lots of new professional talents to work with us, but also be a starting point of new and exciting plans for the future. Read the BCaster news and keep yourself posted!