BCasters Frontend Engineering Team Lead travels around the world speaking

“Some frontend engineers have problems they can’t solve, some have huge amount of knowledge that they keep themselves. I want to help others by sharing that knowledge I have and by doing that maybe encouraging others to do the same.” Kenigbolo Meya Stephen

Frontend Team Lead Meya Stephen Kenigbolo has been working with BCaster for almost two years. At the same time, Kenigbolo enjoys sharing his knowledge voluntarily and speaks in several events all around the world. He speaks mainly about JavaScript, teaching beginners, open Source, documentation and frontend technologies in general.

This year Kenigbolo has been speaking already in five events and there are many more to come, for example Full Stack Conference in London, UK and GopherCon in San Diego, US.

BCaster is happy to support Kenigbolo’s and other employees interest in various voluntary actions. It is admirable that employees at BCaster are willing to share their expertise with others outside the BCaster office. This (sharing knowledge and experiences) is also a huge avenue for our employees to get new ideas that they bring back with them.

BCaster employee’s enthusiasm and willingness to progress is truly an important asset to the company. Undeniably, it is also vital to BCaster staying on course to be the world’s biggest in its field.