Diary of a BCaster Software Engineer

Do you go to sleep on Sunday night thinking “damn it’s gonna be Monday again in a few hours” and then when you wake up in the morning your mood is more of a “shit, I wish I didn’t have to go to work and could stay in bed all day”?

I know the feeling for sure… Oops I lied… To be honest I really do not know what that feels like anymore and I most probably never will.

I’m Stephen, a Full-stack Software Engineer at BCaster, serial code addict, football (soccer as Americans call it) enthusiast/player/coach, amateur golfer and fully paid-up member of the tea-over-coffee gang.

Today we take a short dive into what startup life as a software engineer at BCaster actually looks like.

Important disclaimer: this blog post talks about what life as a software engineer at BCaster is like and that’s all I’m going to concern myself with for now.

Being a software engineer can often be frustrating when you deal with people who do not know what you actually are about. Just imagine being sent messages like “can you help me hack Facebook?” Apparently people still think software engineering is the same thing as hacking. You’re guilty of doing that, yeah?

Coming back to my story, I’ll begin by distinguishing software engineering from programming or coding or whatever people seem to call us these days:

“A software engineer is a person who applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing and evaluation of software.”

In other words, it goes beyond coding and this is why life as a software engineer is exciting (you are expected to be prepared for the entire marathon).

Let’s walk through a simple day which will begin with me waking up to messages on my phone (as early as 8am), oh no, it Markus our QA, red alert… Something went wrong! (probably). Now the mood for the day is set, you’ve got to be kidding me, Markus! It was working last night on the test environment before I went to bed.

I get to the office and I’m greeted by warm smiling beautiful faces (and of course fresh fruits and a fully stocked kitchen). I connect my Mac to my set-up and the day is about to begin (typical bug-fixing day). Software development lead Eero comes into my office room for a little chat, it’s sprint planning, we have an upcoming project/feature, but before promising anything he asks our opinion if we think the project/feature is achievable within the proposed deadline. (Now this is the best part of our engineering team especially if you know a thing or two about features being promised to clients without due consultation from the engineering team.) We look at Eero, smile and say we’re up to the task. The team feels pumped up, energetic, know that their opinions count for something. Of course you go home thinking of coming back to the office the next day with joy and gladness.

Another day, let’s say Wednesday for example, you get out of bed without any specific plans for lunch (reason coming below), you check your phone, no messages from Markus (Finally! Whew, and start whistling “It’s gonna be a good day” by Jason Mraz), you get to the office, the same warm smiling beautiful faces welcome you (of course the fresh fruits are still there) plus our super awesome and extremely funny CEO Janne is in the office. We’re gonna have a good laugh from his super funny jokes. There’s the team meeting sometimes brief sometimes lengthy but always super informative to keep everyone in the loop. The meeting finishes and we get to listen to one track from a team member. Since we’re quite diverse and multicultural it means you’re probably hearing some amazing music from a totally different part of the world from yours. The music finishes and then…. wait for it…. drumroll… Pizza is here! Now you know why there were no lunch plans. Eat pizza, don’t get fat and get back to work.

Typical Friday, you get out of bed whistling “Thank God it’s Friday” and then you remember that you’ve got Helen, Mikko and Jin at the office for a pre-party kitchen meetup, and this week Omid is organising the Friday after-work party. It’s Friday and Daniel is also gonna be in the office, we’re gonna make fun of the English football team a little and then discuss in-depth about the Champions League and how Mo Salah has taken the English Premier League by storm in 2018. But before the free time begins, there’s still a lot of work to do.

You see, being able to work with talented folks, tackle challenging problems daily and see the product you build actually adding value to the individuals and businesses using them – and all the while having a blast while you’re doing it – is definitely the greatest feeling a software engineer can wish for. Work doesn’t have to be boring, startup life doesn’t always have to be stressful (and of course the stress and adrenaline is part of the joys of the startup life), work hard, play a little, eat healthy, stay fit (free gym membership if I didn’t mention that), less corporate BS and in the end everyone is happy and ready to give 200% without even being asked.

Feeling motivated is important and at BCaster you’re provided with everything you need to keep you focused and motivated. To find out more about us you can check us out at www.bcaster.com/about