Every workday is a new adventure

I have the privilege to work in a dynamic, fast-moving, motivating and challenging Finnish startup company where every day is a new adventure.

Over the years, I have worked in several secure and stable positions in huge corporations. But somehow I now find myself working in a small, entrepreneurial startup.

Why? You learn something new every day. I get loads of responsibility. I can help with basically everything. I love the constant changes and challenges. It is what makes me tick.
I get to do work outside my job description, so opportunities for learning and growth abound. Founders and employees work together, so there is no middle management. I can learn from the best.

The freedom. I have flexible working hours. I can work remotely. I am given responsibility. I can make my own decisions and take responsibility for the consequences. The chance to steer progress motivates me to perform well.

The positive energy that drives progress

Pride in growing the company and sharing in its ups and downs creates a tight-knit team. We have flexible working hours and we can work from home, but everybody is so committed that I often find myself chatting with a workmate in the middle of the night. So it doesn't matter where you are, you always have your team with you. This is something money cannot buy.

As there are no guarantees in a startup, you have to make everything happen yourself.
I have learned that in a startup, it's all about the ask. Your ability to ask for what you need. Asking and finding out things is the only way to keep the wheels turning. The worst answer you can get is "no." Then you just find another way. If you don't have a problem asking, then a startup is for you.

I love to approach things from multiple perspectives. Being more of a multitasking “Jill of all trades” makes it possible to take something personal and share it with others in a way they not only understand but can appreciate.

Our CEO sometimes gets frustrated watching me go off on a tangent that other people would never go off on. But, he also accepts me as I am, and gives me the freedom to do “my thing”.
He has seen me pulling a rabbit out of a hat that no one else could ever have found.
So I truly believe, It is the attitude that matters.

"Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed - there's so little competition."

Elbert Hubbard