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Greetings from TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch in San Francisco was BCaster’s first public appearance with our new media platform. During the last nine months we have been working with the platform really actively and it was nice to bring our work to the stage. On the startup alley day our platform got a great welcome on our booth when over 80 professionals and C-level people from the biggest media and investor companies all over the world came to talk with us. And we talked a lot.

During TechCrunch we started more than 200 interesting discussions with potential partners and now after two weeks the most important ones are still ongoing.

Pekka Pärnänen has twenty years' experience in Silicon Valley and he was with me at TechCrunch. Pekka's feedback was encouraging:
”I knew that BCaster’s idea is big, but I never expected this kind of hype around the company at TechCrunch."

I’m really happy and enthusiastic about those words. I was there and see all the hype, but still Pekka's words mean a lot to me. All the time we have known that we will revolutionize the world from everyone’s perspective. And we will repair media companies’ problems using our technology to give media houses totally new tools to work with. Like the latest news from Las Vegas proves, even the biggest and smartest companies can't fight against fake news, but we can. And at the same time people get unforeseen privacy and copyright control for their own content.

I think that now we are on the right tracks with the right speed.

Like last time my trip to the USA brought us so many contacts it’s time to fly back over the Atlantic Ocean. I go there to continue the conversations in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.