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Importance of graphics

Graphic design is a way to communicate with audience with your vision and values. It’s a way for you or your company to brand themselves and stand out from the others.

Well designed and beautiful product makes you look like a big player, even though company’s budget might be small. In other hand, badly designed and branded products might collapse your whole finance and leave you with nothing. This is mostly due to fact of you not looking like serious and trustworthy contender to others.


Businesses like Google, Twitter, Instagram and other big players have set standards very high nowadays and competing with them is harder than ever. You might argue that their services don’t always look that well designed graphically, but it also comes down to usability. All of their decisions made using some particular color for the button or icon is well planned and user tested. Their color schemes are also a way to communicate company’s brand and values to outsiders.

To sum it all up, investing time and money on quality graphics makes you seem more trustworthy and credible contender to others. People are also more likely to buy your product if they can see single image of product that you are selling, rather than reading four pages of text describing why you should buy it.