It's all about the team

First you need a brilliant idea. Then a good founding team that transfers the idea into action. With a strong enough vision you may get seed funding and a chance to build a bigger team. But before rushing in feet first it is good to pause and assess the big picture. How to scale up smartly? How should team structure be arranged in order to enhance rapid and efficient growth? How will emerging growing pains be dealt with? These are not trivial questions and no single right answer can be given.

BCaster's story began in 2016 with three founders. Since then our team has grown exponentially and now in 2018 we have a total of 25 highly talented professionals working together. Our organization's constant growth has forced us to re-build and re-evaluate our company structures regularly and iteratively throughout this journey.

Our technology development is currently arranged into small teams that are managed by a mutual project owner who is also a member of the management group. The purpose of this set-up is to ensure constant innovation within the teams. It also enables smooth information flow between the teams and the management group. According to metrics this seems to be the best possible approach for the company in this current situation.

Why pursue work in a startup

What is it that intrigues people to work in small and agile startups? This is an important question management has to reflect on while trying to attract new employees, as it can be extremely difficult to compete against large technology companies.

Personally, I think it is the joy of building something completely new from scratch and being able to see actual visible results. Decisions can also be made without extra bureaucracy and delays. Working at a startup means more responsibility and opportunities for individuals. It means that every teammate plays a crucial role in the company's success.

As a founding member, I am pleased with the work environment and working culture we have built together. BCaster's team is highly motivated and keen to solve problems. We are heading in the right direction.