Leading a global company

I have had a strong relationship with the military from early on in my life, and now I’m leading a really fast-moving company called BCaster. This is a cool project, and it gets better and better each day. I can really say these words, because I’m looking at this company from multiple angles. If we use military terms, I’m both in the frontline in the thick of the action and also operating from military headquarters as General.

Let’s go to headquarters first. It’s necessary to understand what is happening in the field, because you have just a certain amount of food, ammo and soldiers you can make use of. Also you want to accomplish your mission without sustaining any damage or loss of resources. Usually it’s hard, because the full picture from the field always comes too late, and all you can do is minimize your losses from the bad things that have already happened.

Here at BCaster, I try to lead my group from the frontline. It has been very efficient and we have had many good iterations to our product already at this very early stage. All this comes from the meetings with our future partners and customers. I’m been in the field since BCaster was born. Last year I was at home about 30 nights, and in the last four months I’ve been at home just two nights in total. I really try to press forward in the field and understand what our customers need and want. And it works. Every single day I talk with partners and get more feedback which improves the product. You don’t need to do things twice, usually just one code version is needed. And speed is the number one thing. If you want to be successful and build a unicorn, you have to be fast, global and iterate at speed. You can’t stop and make new plans and code again. Movement has to be realtime and continuous.

What have we achieved in the last 19 months? What is our situation in the field?

We have built our team up to 27 employees from zero and we have created a full platform that includes all the necessary parts: mobile, web, backend, AI…. and so on. And with no technical issues. From very early on we were thinking that our competitors in the world would be Facebook, Google, etc… really huge social media companies. But all the iteration and discussions in the field have totally changed our strategy. Now we have to find a clear, very peaceful spot in the gap between those big companies, where there is no real competition and we can easily cooperate with all media- and sports-related businesses. We can even cooperate with those big giants, and that is valuable. And because we have created a platform, we see the future with really wide eyes. We can sell this platform for many different purposes without any major modifications.

While this highly iterative phase is still running, my team is doing their best work ever. I can see that we really have created something really big. Like one SVP in New York said: “This is foundation-level technology. BCaster is like Google 2.0, Amazon or Apple. And what is best, your company fits in perfectly with the strategies of those big companies.” In the next sentence he was thinking which of those big mammoths would be the best cooperation or exit choice for us.

Here are some bullet points for the lessons I’ve learnt at BCaster:

  • The best place to lead your team is from where you can see the whole field in realtime. Not from headquarters (usually the safest place). Throw yourself into the game and lead from the frontline. Then you will know what customers really need and want to buy.
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate. The world is moving fast. You have to keep pressing forward and get used to constant change. Build your team to be part of that change and the results will be great.
  • Timing, timing, timing. When you are conquering the world, the most important asset is timing. Without the right timing, you’ll never win your battles.
  • The team. We started totally from zero. Zero employees, zero product. From scratch we have created a world-leading platform for B2B customers and really a potential B2C product for copyright owners. Just in 16 months. This is not possible if you don’t have a world-class team behind you. You are killed in the frontline really fast if your team can’t protect you and deliver ammo/food to keep you alive.

The traction here in the States is overwhelming and I learn everyday new things from my meetings. Still, everything I go through here in the frontline every single day wouldn't be possible without my support and fighting troops:

I really appreciate my team. Thanks to everyone involved. You are the best. Yes it’s hard work, but there is no real luck in the real world. You have to work hard to win every battle.

I really respect our owners. By investing in our company, they have given us the opportunity to make this happen really fast. And at the same time we have created something really valuable which connects all the dots around the world’s biggest platforms and social media companies. And now the world’s biggest companies and sports leagues want to use this, because we solve many problems they have and provide tools to handle the flow of money back to them and their sponsors.

And all this comes because I have been in the frontline and seen everything coming before it’s too late to change strategy.

Now when the R&D phase is won, I have to redeploy my troops again to support the marketing and sales flow. At the same time we need to find more funding to scale this business fast for world-wide success. The product is ready, the customers are waiting and the traction is proven. Let’s take this to the next level!