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New on WWF's Nature Live: Application for filming and sharing your own live nature experiences

WWF’s popular Nature Live is now also available as an application. With the Nature Live mobile application – created through a partnership between WWF and the Finnish startup company BCaster – nature lovers can follow live camera streams more easily than ever before. The application also lets users film and share their own live nature footage.

“WWF’s Nature Live’s main goal is to bring nature right into people’s lives, and what better way to reach modern citizens than via their mobile phones, which they all carry around with them?”, says WWF’s Director of Development Justus Hyvärinen.

“The new application makes Nature Live even more social by letting users share their own content. So what we are doing now is encouraging people to go to parks, the forest or the beach to film their own experiences in nature using this Nature Live application”, says Hyvärinen.

Nature Live’s mapview lets users see the videos and photos taken by other people, so users can easily follow any nature footage that has been filmed near them, or near a place of interest like their summer cottage. The Nature Live application is running on BCaster’s completely new AI-based media platform that tracks exactly when and where the content was created.

“Technology can bring the full glory of nature on to everyone’s phone and at the same time get people to think about and film nature as part of their regular routine. With the engine BCaster has developed, application users can share their nature experiences and explore all the variety of nature around the world and how people are treating mother nature”, said BCaster’s CEO Janne Neuvonen.

“BCaster shares WWF’s ecological values and therefore the cooperation is very natural and supports both brands’ common goals”, continues Neuvonen.

Watch Finnish nature live

WWF opened their Nature Live page in mid-April. Currently Nature Live is streaming Finnish forest reindeer and Siberian flying squirrels. As well as the livestream, there is also an audio stream from Vallisaari island. At least one camera is streaming all year round.
The huge popularity of the ringed seal live stream inspired WWF to create this new live stream service. People have watched these ringed seals sprawling over the rocks more than 5 million times during the last two springs – especially the superstar “Pullervo”.

The main reason WWF wants to give people the opportunity to see nature in the wild through camera and audio streams is to share information about rare species and the challenges they face, and also inspire people to take part in protecting nature.