Boring media content is the past. Fun, top-quality content is the future.

Millions and millions of us are spending several hours a week surfing news feeds and clicking on posts. It kills our time, but, in reality, no more than that. Modern social media is constantly generating tons of information , which has been reposted by users, group of users, companies and corporation’s accounts. As a result, this flood of information hits our news feeds, and is mainly reposted rather than original content. We are watching “cool” videos/photos, listening to audio, or reading articles with content we cannot trust. But we continue to trust and consume it. Why are we doing it?

  • because it’s fun
  • because it’s conveniently provided on our devices
  • because social media doesn’t offer enough simple tools for generating useful and good-quality content. The simplest way to post something is to find it in your news feed and repost. We surf tons of content to find something interesting, but social media adds ad sections and so we are forced to focus also on advertising.

BCaster is a media platform for crowdsourced photos and videos. This makes us different from traditional social media. We focus on generating high-quality, original content and fostering a new kind of relationship with you, our users.

Firstly, you create your own content with your own device. You create memories by recording videos or taking photos. Our platform provides tools to extend this moment by watching related footage from other users around you at the same place and time. We scan the location and environment, and help you discover and filter content with easy intuitive tools when you access it later. Our map view contains videos recorded by users and shows videos recorded by other users at the same time and place.

Secondly, we help to improve the quality of content and create a culture around content generation. Our mobile app user interface has several indicators (in development now) which help by following some simple and important common rules, like hold right horizon position, avoid shakiness, and others. These indicators don’t require any special training. They are intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need to be a specialist to produce high-quality content.


As a user, you can trust the content created on our platform, because it is being created here and now. It cannot be fake, because only the mobile device’s camera is used to create it. All created content is related to the moment of time and location it’s created at.

Another feature we provide is accessibility. BCaster provides a cloud service to store all our users’ media. This means you can access your media from any device connected to the Internet. BCaster is a global service accessed from any point of the planet. As a user, you can view your videos from your gallery or from the map view.

What is the outcome? BCaster is a next-generation service which takes recording videos and taking photos to the next level and makes it more practical, interesting and powerful, so you can get different views from events you have been to, like a concert or sport competition, or you can get a richer picture of your holidays. Users can extend each other’s content, mix it, and share it as simply as possible.