Sneak peek behind the scenes

Developing a new global service and mobile app can be exciting and fun!

You have a great idea, a great team and things are rolling along almost on their own. The sun is shining and the birds are singing!

..but then reality hits you in the face like a wet rug..

Unexpected problems arise, deadlines are closer than you remembered, the code is breaking, you fix one problem and cause ten new ones, it's raining every day, your coffee gets cold and you forgot to backup the frontend server before updating, causing everything to stop working..

But, guess what?

That's just life and every start-up company has gone through the same journey. You just need to learn from your mistakes, re-do and correct things, plan better and most importantly: don't give up!

Here at BCaster, we have gone through the same journey. Faced same ups and downs. And we have just scratched the surface. We still have a long journey ahead of us.

But, we get energy and motivation to head forward, because we believe in our idea and concept and want to see it as a finished and polished end product: BCaster - new era of internet videos

If you are a fellow entrepreneur, partner, future user or just curious about what we do, then this blog is just the right place for you!

In this blog we, the core team of BCaster, will reveal what happens behind the curtains. We will write about new upcoming features, progress reports, future plans and maybe even reveal some secrets.

But, be warned! Even though, we are creating a global video service and we are dead serious about it, this blog might and actually will also contain some not-so-serious thoughts and posts. So, readers' discretion is advised. :)

Remember that life isn't that serious after all, sometimes you have to loosen up a little and smile, so that you get energy to focus when you really need to.

Keep reading and see ya soon!