The shareholders of BCaster gathered at the Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of BCaster Oy was held this yesterday in Vantaa. Despite the rainy and gray weather as well as ongoing holiday season, over 30 of the shareholders did attend the meeting which took place at the lovely Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport.

In addition to the official agenda BCasters CEO Janne Neuvonen, COO Paul Hallanoro and COB Aki Luukkainen led shareholders profoundly through the events during the past financial year and the ongoing strategy with future prospects and plans. Advisors Lauri Kivinen from Switzerland and Pekka Pärnänen from U.S. brought BCasters news from abroud.

After the Official Meeting the shareholders had a chance to visit the new office premises and get to know BCasters employees.

"It was really nice to see that so many of the shareholders were attending this meeting and also wanted to see our new office. It gives the feeling that they are genuinely interested in how BCaster is evolving. BCaster seems to be important for many of the shareholders and we had good discussions in our new office premises not only with regards to BCasters future, but also about the value of having this amazing multicultural team of professionals making things happen."
Seppo Sormunen, BCaster CTO & Co-founder