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Web Summit: threat or possibility?

This year we had the chance to participate in Web Summit in Lisbon. The event is quite overwhelming. Just the amount of people (60,000) and all that buzz that's going on and electrifying the whole city during the week can sometimes just leave you speechless.

But what can we, as a company, get from it?
Are we here just to promote ourselves?
Will others copy us, if I tell them what we are doing and how?

Those are the questions you probably think about when you decide to be part of any expo.

Of course you are promoting your company there, but you can get so much more out of it, if you just stop thinking that every other company is your competitor. It's plain stupidity to re-invent the wheel. If somebody else has made some part of your service or functionality already, why not use it and save tons of time and money?

For us, Web Summit was a great place to find people and companies that have some smaller pieces or technologies that we can use or need in our platform. Of course, we were also there to promote our platform and try to find other companies who could use it to boost their business.

Some of those companies were so small, new or otherwise hard to find, that
we would never have found them, unless we'd seen and talked with them here at Web Summit. With these partners we can speed up our development and add new features more efficiently. But of course there are still lots of things to do for our own team.

Currently we are recruiting new talents and trying to find people to join our team, who are not just passionate about creating new things, but also about seeing the bigger picture and steering the boat in that direction. We don't want working in our company to be "just another job". This journey that we are taking as a team of developers should be an enjoyable experience, a chance to learn something new and – most importantly – it should be fun!

We love what we are doing and wanna share that passion.

Contact us, if you wanna take bold steps and be part of building something big. ;)