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BCaster continues collaboration with WWF Finland

Last year BCaster and WWF Finland decided to join their forces to take WWF Finland’s nature streaming service Wildlive to the next level by launching Wildlive-mobile application. Through Wildlive app you can follow nature and its animals anytime and everywhere. App users can also be part of Wildlive-community, by capturing their own nature and animal photos with the app.

So far, we’ve had the joy of watching many amazing animals, including for example adder, osprey, wolverine and the rare flying squirrel. In the last few years the saimaa ringed seal live stream, called “Norppalive”, gained millions of views through the WWF Wildlive - website. Later this spring BCaster is excited to bring also this saimaa ringed seal live footage part of its application.

BCaster is and has been very pleased to be partners with WWF Finland. The successful and valuable collaboration between BCaster and WWF Finland continues, aiming to bring nature and its wonderful animals even closer to people.

Download Wildlive app and enjoy!

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