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Your content, you decide what to do with it, right?

BCaster's main purpose is to develop a product that helps to stand up for people’s rights to their photos and videos as well as all due credits and royalties.

User-Generated Content (UGC) is increasingly sought after for different kinds of purposes, including marketing and news. UGC (photos and videos) can be worth a lot in royalties. Usually, people want to share a big part of media they've captured e.g. on social media platforms without realizing that at the same time they may lose their control over the content and in many cases most of the profit flows into the platform owner's pockets. In March 2019 European Parliament voted to adopt the Copyright Directive. The copyright directive is a major game changer because a lot of platforms (especially the big ones) will have to negotiate with authors and creators, as opposed to having the freedom of publishing and monetizing the UGC.

BCaster wants to make it easier for e.g. fan communities and event organizers to collect UGC in a fun, easy and effective way, but without forgetting the original content owners' rights to their material. Win-win, or what?